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Double roller blinds – Buy at Cheap rates

Double roller blinds in the UK are in high demand because of their aesthetic appearance and great functionality. Blinds are a stylish way to cover the windows that elevate the looks of your home. The high-quality blinds offer you privacy, light control & sound control. Double Roller blind have two layers of fabric, which makes them more effective in all ways. The double roller blind is useful whether you need complete blackout blind or dim-out blind options.
The blackout fabric blind layer offers you complete darkness in the room and maintains privacy in perfect ways. However, the dim-out option fabric provides a low level of light in the room and less privacy. This layer is significant when you need diffused sunlight in the bedroom or living room. When you need a high-privacy blackout layer, it is quite helpful.

Get the high-quality Double Roller Blind that works for you.

At Double Roller Blinds, we offer you blinds that are versatile in function and style. We understand the value of the double roller blind in your home and office. Our team helps you in buying roller blinds that are perfect for your place. From our wide range of blinds, book any of your favorite ones. We measure the size of the window and blind, so you find no hassle. You can also book the customized size of the roller blinds. Our handymen are good at installing blinds and fitting roller blind brackets at your place. So, getting the roller blinds at your place is no longer stressful.

The main types of Roller Blinds we offer you

We offer you a great variety of high-quality double roller blinds. Our aim is to provide the blinds that are ideal for your place. The main types of roller blinds are as follows:

Kitchen Blinds

There are kitchen blinds that are good for the areas that have moisture and humidity, as these blinds are waterproof. So, they quickly absorb all the moisture, and there will be less chance of mold building up. Also, these blinds are useful for the bathroom to keep it well maintained.


PVC Roller Blinds

PVC roller blinds are good quality blackout blinds. When you shut down these blinds, there is complete darkness in the room. So, they are highly recommended for privacy in the room.
Cordless Blinds
As the name shows, the cordless blinds are without free-hanging cords or chains. The cordless blinds give a minimalist look no free hanging cords with; also, they are useful for child and pet safety.
Hygienic Roller Blinds
The hygiene roller blinds are waterproof and easy to clean. These blinds do not allow the growth of bacteria and mildew. So, there is one ideal blind option for the kitchen and bathrooms.
Fire Resistant roller blinds
The fire-resistant roller blinds add a protective layer to your property. The working conditions for your employees are improved when you install these blinds at your workplace.
Office Roller Blinds
The office roller blinds give a professional look to the environment of the office. Usually, Venetian blinds are used in commercial buildings as they can easily open or close entirely. You will have good control over the light and sound in the office.


Thermal Roller Blinds

Therma blinds are what effective blinds are so you can avoid excessive heat. There are aluminum-lined honeycomb pockets in these blinds, which act as a barrier against heat. So, the cooling effect of your room remains maintained in perfect ways. It is the best way to save your energy bills.

Noise Control Roller Blinds

Noise control blinds absorb the noise coming from outside. The fabric of these blinds limits the noise, so there is more calm at your place. When you have more offices in a rushy area, these blinds prove quite effective. Also, these blinds give you more relaxing sleep at night.

Double roller shades are cheaper and maintenance-free

When you install the double roller blind, it will save you a lot of money. A double roller blind gives you double effects of the blackout and dim out. So, you will have two opportunities at the cost of one. At Double Roller Blinds, we provide you with blinds at economical rates. It will be easy for our customers to plan the budget accordingly. All our blinds are durable and easy to clean. You just need to wipe the blinds with a clean cloth.

Ask for No Drill Roller blind.

We understand how much your home is to you, and you need to keep it well-maintained. Nobody wants any structural damage to the home. Usually, when the blinds are installed, the wall is drilled. If you want to avoid such drilling for roller blinds, get our no-drill roller blinds service. When you have rented properties, this option is great for you. Our professional handyman will install the blinds without any wall damage. This no-drill blind installation service is available at your ease.

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