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How are Double blinds important for you?
Double blinds are the main part of your home that gives you comfortable living. The blinds are the more versatile options than curtains. The blind covers the window in a stylish way by giving you light control. Double blinds trap the sound and heat effects. Your home becomes a more soothing place when you install blinds. Blind adds privacy to your life, so you feel safer in your place.
When you get the double-blind for your office, it will be the best decision. The double roller blinds prove effective in lighting conditions. Whether you need dim light or blackout, you can get through them. The uniform temperature and reduced sound effects improve the working conditions for the employees. The appealing looks of roller blinds also enhance the beauty of your place. So, all the visitors are impressed by your taste.

What is the difference between Roller blinds and Double Roller blinds?

The difference between the Roller blinds and Double Roller blinds is obvious. The main difference is the number of fabric layers used in both. Roller blinds have only one fabric, which you can roll up or pull down. When your bedroom is not directly facing the street, these blinds are a good option. You can get light and privacy by rolling up the line/ while pulling down the blind means darkness and privacy at all. So, you have only two modes to get direct exposure to sunlight or darkness.
However, the double roller blinds give you more control over the light in your room. They are made up of two layers of cloth; one is lighter, and the other is thicker. Just need to pull down the thicker fabric when you need a blackout. And pull down the sheer fabric to get the dim light in the room. Also, you have the same control over privacy.


Make your home smart.

The smart blinds are in fashion as they operate automatically. It gives you more comfort at your place whether you install them in your home or office. We offer you double roller blinds of both manual and automatic types. The main difference between both types is that automatic blinds operate on a remote. You just end up pressing the button, and the blind will roll or pull down immediately. Your home will become a smart home, so you will have great concern. At any time of day or night, just use the button and shut the blind.
How is our professional blind installation service helpful for you?
At Double Roller Blinds, we provide you with a huge variety of blinds. All our high-quality blinds are so durable. The blind that is fit for your interior gets bought from us. Your best variety includes sunscreen, translucent, and blackout blind. All types of blinds have their perfection in aesthetics and functions. When you get our double roller blinds, we offer you easy installation for the double roller blinds.
We offer you a metal bracket with manuals so you can easily hand the double roller blinds at your home. If you want to save time, our professional handyman will come to your door. He has all the right tools and expertise in the installation of roller blinds. His timely and safe service is most reliable for you.
Spark your creativity
When you go to install the blinds at your home, you get a variety of ideas in the market and social media. Rely on the idea that you find best for the home interior. When you choose colors, fabric, patterns, and types of blinds, it helps you explore your taste. Your creativity gets sparked, and you create a beautiful environment at your place. Any visitor to your house must praise your creativity. They admired how you kept good care of your home.


How to clean Double Roller blinds?

Double roller blinds are easy to clean, so it never adds stress to home maintenance. You just need to do regular dusting of the blinds if you want to keep them long-standing. The simple wiping makes the looks of the blinds completely new. It is also good to vacuum the blinds and wipe them with damp cloth seasonally. In this way, the beauty and the function of the blinds get increased.
If there are any stains appearing on the blind, try to find that spot carefully. You can use warm water and soapy water for that party only. Do not rub; just dab that affected area. You will get the desired results in less time.


The double roller blinds are cost-effective to buy. You get the two types of blinds in one. All the functions of the blinds, from complete darkness to light exposure, you get in one. You have good control over light and sound at your place. Also, you will have control over the temperature at home. You just need to roll up or pull down the double blinds for any purpose.
You must know that Roller Double Blinds offers you double roller blinds at cost-effective rates. Whether you need to install or replace the blinds, we are here to help you. We make the budget for blind installation according to our customer’s pockets.

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