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Want to buy Roller blinds metal brackets for the roller blinds?
Roller blinds brackets are used to fix the roller blinds on windows. The brackets are usually made of metal, which gives good holding to the roller blinds. The roller blind is fixed perfectly; you will have no problem opening and closing them. The bracket kit is also available in the market for roller blinds. This kit has all the components that you need to fix the roller blinds. With the help of a manual guide, you get complete help in roller blinds installation.
If your bracket of the roller blinds gets broken or old, you must replace them. The metal brackets of roller blinds are not expensive. Once you replace the brackets, the roller blinds’ appearance and function improve.

How are the brackets of roller blinds fitted in the wall?

Roller blinds are the easy type of blinds to install. When you are going to install the blinds, you need a good manual of instructions. You just need to drill a few holes in the wall and put screws in them. Fix the blind brackets through these screws into the wall. Then, hang the roller blinds with the help of such metal brackets. The roller blind installation is less time-consuming than all other types of blinds.

How do you measure the size of roller blinds?

Measuring the size of roller blinds is the main step of the roller blinds installation. You need to open the window outwards and check the recess depth. If it has less recess depth of 6cm, measure the recess outside and fit your blinds there. There are two ways to install the correct size of roller blinds.
  • If you are going to fit the roller blind within the recess of the window, measure the inside recess. Measure the drop and width from two to three different positions. The installer team also helps in measuring the accurate size of the roller blinds. 
  • When you have to hang the blind outside the recess, you need an exact size. Measure how the recess will overlap from both sides. Also, measure the drop and width from the three positions. If you are still confused, you need to rely on the top-rated blind installers.


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Roller Blinds are the most preferable types of blinds to install. They give you great control over light, sound, and privacy. Whether you need a complete block out or sun exposure, the roller blinds give you a great opportunity. At Double Roller Blinds, we are here to add ease to the installation of roller blinds. We have the perfect roller blind brackets through which roller blind are installed in beautiful manners.
Double Roller Blinds: easy and quick roller Blind installation
In the UK, Double-Blind Rollers is the number one retailer that offers roller blind installation. We have a variety of blinds in styles, fabrics, designs, and colors. All the blinds we provide have distinctive appearance and function. The blinds we provide you are highly durable and sustainable. Our team of blind installers is an expert in quick and safe installation of the blinds. We have a professional and experienced technician to install the roller blinds at your place. The friendly handyman helps you in all ways, and you will find no hassle.
Variety of roller blinds
When you are going to design or redesign your home, you want it to be an upgrade of the home. For the windows, the blinds are the effective choice as there are a variety of roller blinds available at our shop. You can choose the color, type, and style of the roller blinds that you find suitable. Get customized roller blinds from our wide range of roller blinds. You can order the blinds in style according to the home decor. If you are puzzled about the selection of blinds, our beneficial ideas will be helpful for you.
On our website, high-quality images of the roller blinds are available. You can order online from our website. We will deliver your blinds to your doorsteps in a timely and safe manner.


No more hassle

We understand that the roller blind installation is not an easy task for everyone. The measurement of the widow and the blind size is the main headache for most of you. You also have no previous experience in the right installation of roller blinds. Do not think much! We give you a detailed manual guide on how to install the roller blinds perfectly. It will take little time, and the blind rollers are installed in the best manner.

At Double Roller Blinds, we offer you reliable roller blinds installation service. We have a professional team and metal kit for the roller blind installation. Our handyman installed the roller blind without any hassle. He measured the size of the window and roller blinds. When he comes to your place, he has the right solution for the blind installation. His expertise in the right tools for the blinds installation results in the elevated looks of your rooms.

Long term investment

When you are going to remodel the office or home, there are a lot of expenses that you need to meet. There are a lot of windows for which you need covering. Here, you must know that the curtains are the expensive choice for the windows. The curtains are required in larger length to cover all the windows. The more cloth in curtains means the more price.
On the other hand, roller blinds are cheaper. The blinds are more durable than the curtains. They need less washing than the curtains. It is good to say that the blinds are a long-term investment in your place. Double Roller Blinds offers you high-quality roller blinds at economical rates.

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