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Roller blind brackets for roller blind fitting?

Roller blind brackets are used for the fitting of double roller blinds. The joining brackets of the roller blinds are useful in fitting two blinds side by side. While there is no gap between the roller blinds, you will have better coverage of the windows. The double roller blinds, when properly fitted at the home or office, increase their beauty and function.

How do you fit the roller blinds

There are various questions that customers have about the fitting of the double roller blinds. Whether it is easy to fit the blinds or not, among all types of blinds, roller blinds are the easiest to fit. For the perfect fitting of the Roller blind, you need high-quality blind brackets. Fitting of the blind cannot be done without good instructions. Anytime you go to buy roller blinds, you must take good instructions for their fitting. Here, you will get a guide on how the fitting of roller blinds can be done in perfect ways.

How are roller blinds easy to fit

The easiest way to fit the roller blinds is to get the brackets for roller blinds. When you have to attach the roller blinds to the wall, you will find it quite simple. You have to screw up two brackets at the position on which you need to fix the blind. The brackets of the roller blinds can easily be fitted inside the window recess. You have the option to fix the brackets to the window frame, to the top of the window recess, or to attach the bracket to the sides of the recess. Also, you have the option to attach the bracket on the top side of the window or on the ceiling. For any option, you can use the same type of brackets. 

Usually, the roller blinds are light, so it is easy to handle for the person on his own. If the length is more than usual, they get difficult to handle for the person alone.

Which types of tools are required for fitting roller blinds?

You do not need to buy any heavy equipment or tools for the roller blinds fitting. Just use the basic tools to get them fit. It includes a tape measure, a screwdriver, a drill, and a pencil. If you have any of them missing, it is best to buy them from a nearby market. However, it is best to rely on professional fitters and installers of roller blinds. This will surely cut back your lot of time and money. All you will have is the mental piece.


Are roller blinds easier to install than other types of blinds!

It is true that fitting for roller blinds is much simpler than other types of blinds. When you have to handle the vertical blinds, you need to invest more physical labor and time. First, you have to fit the brackets and headrail on the wall. Then, there is a need to hang each blind louver and connect the entire array with the chain. Similarly, the fitting of the Roman blinds and Venetian blinds consumes much time. You have to fit more than two brackets for these types of blinds. Also, all these blinds are heavier than roller blinds, so you need more support while handling them.

However, the hanging of roller blinds is based on drilling of a few holes. Just screen the brackets for roller blinds into these holes. It’s so easy and quick to handle the roller blinds.

How long does it take to fit roller blinds

When you try to fit the roller blinds on your own, you have to put in a great time for this. You have to read the instructions for fitting the blinds. YouTube tutorials share tips for fitting the roller blinds, which are quite helpful, but they are time-consuming videos. When you do not have the perfect tools, purchasing them again means an investment of time. But all these worries are no longer applicable when you hire expert installers for the roller blinds. 

The professional handyman offers you fast and safe service for the roller blinds fitting. It just takes 15 to 20 minutes to fit the roller blinds. Also, he has good suggestions about which side is good for sitting on the roller blinds. So, getting an expert roller blind fitting service rather than DIY fitting is much better.

Get our Roller blind fitting service

At Double Roller Blinds, we offer you great help in fitting the roller blinds at your place. Our high-quality brackets for the roller blinds are the perfect option. They are made up of durable material, so they will withstand for years. All our team of handymen are professional, experienced, and efficient. We offer you friendly service to safely install and fit the roller blinds at your place. Any do with roller blinds you need to buy you can get from our website, and we also offer you high laity brackets for roller blinds. Our same-day service saves you a lot of time by firing the Roller blind in a single day.

 We give you instructions manual so you find a way to easily fit the Roller blind on your own. You get the knowledge about taking measurements, drilling, and screwing. Ask our support team if you still have any queries about roller blinds fitting. In this detailed guide, we give you all the instructions on how to fit the roller blinds. That is really beneficial for you whether you are going to install or replace the brackets for roller blinds.

Metal brackets kits for all sizes

If any component of the roller blind bracket is broken, you can get our meta bracket kit. Thai Kit has the best repair solution for roller blinds. We give you two strong metal wall brackets in white colors. The kit also has an inclined blind clutch, pivot barker, and a 2-meter pull chain. This kit is essential to easily DIY fitting the roller blinds at your place. It has all the necessary components to install a roller blind of any size. You can return the kit in 30 days if it is not helpful for your blind installation.

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Just share your location and schedule the timings. We promise that our professional handyman will be at your doors at your scheduled time. His fast and quick service installs the roller blinds without any damage to your structure. He helps you in a friendly manner by saving you time. You will find enough time to focus on different aspects.

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