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We provide double roller blind brackets, to allow you to hang two blinds on one window. Our double roller blind brackets can accommodate any size of roller blinds from 25mm to 45mm tubes and come in two different sizes: Small 25mm to 32 mm and Large 36mm to 45mm. We also sell roller blinds and provide roller blind fitting kits, when you need to change or fix your old, or existing roller blinds.

Simply purchase your double brackets from us today, along with any two blinds of your choice. You do not even need to order your blinds from us. If you prefer to use your own roller blinds, simply find the roller blinds of your choice and then use our brackets to hang them. It could not be easier. We are here to supply you with all your roller blind needs. If you are not sure what you need, just need some information, or just need some questions answered, then contact us. We can provide you with free advice. If you have one or several questions you need answering, please feel free to contact us, to discuss your needs. No matter how small you feel your problem may be, contact us to get the right answer.


Our double roller blind brackets are very popular in new and modern homes as they provide a smooth clean aesthetic, with the ability to give privacy and control light no matter what time of day it is. Our slim line double roller blind brackets can be fitted easily by anyone.


“Easy to fit and install.”


Great value for money. THE insider tip for sparse foxes!


It was easy to install and does exactly what it states. I now have two blinds on my window, which I can change easily by pulling the cord. One allows me to let in light and be decorative, while the other blocks out light for privacy. They are clean and sleek and look very good on the windows.


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