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What do you know about Clip on Blinds?

Clip on blinds means the installation of the blinds without any drilling. These blinds on the window frame are installed at your ease. There is no longer a need for screws, windows no drilling, or any other physical labor. These screw-free blinds are in high demand. Whether you install these blinds at home or in the office, they give a perfect appearance. Mostly, these blinds are the first choice for uPVC windows. There is a huge variety of clips in blinds available in the market.

Buy the best quality clip-in blinds from Double Roller Blinds.

In the UK, Double Roller Blinds has a significant name. We are experts in providing a variety of blinds and installation services of blinds. Our friendly support team helps you in selecting the right roller blind for your place. Our handymen are efficient and quick in the blinds installation service. When you clip in blinds, the installation of blinds becomes easier for you. No more need to watch the YouTube video tutorials for the blind installation. Clip blinds are directly hung on the window frames without any other equipment help.
You can get from our variety of clip blinds that meet your needs. Order online to get the clip blinds without any hassle.

5 Advantages of clip-on blinds

Here, we are going to explain how clip-on blinds are advantageous for you. This guide will help you with DIY blind installation and hiring expert service providers.


In comparison to other types of blinds, clip-on blinds are an affordable option. Double Roller Blinds provides you with clip-on blinds at inexpensive rates. These blinds are easy to install and replace as well. If you love to remodel the room, the blinds are good to buy.


Clip-on blinds are a great choice because of the convenience they provide. They are greatly easy to fit on your own. Clip the blind on the window frame or glass without any screwing. There is no need to buy and use tools for this purpose. When you have the house on rent, you do not need an alteration in structure. The drilling and screwing in the walls may cause problems. For this reason, rely on easy installation of the clip-on blinds.

No more drilling

Usually, the blind installation requires drilling in the wall. When a few holes are drilled in the wall, screws are placed, and then the blind is installed. If you are unprofessional, there are chances that the wrong drilling causes damage to the wall structure. The clip-on blinds come with no drilling option. In this way, you can easily install the blinds over windows. The structure of the window, its frame, and its wall remain protected.


Clip-on blinds are available in a huge range of colors at Double Roller Blinds. From all the classic to modern clip-on blinds, you can find any at our shop. We offer you double roller blinds in any fabric, color, and design. Compare and contrast the best clip-on blind with your room decor. The blind style varies from room to room. We have the perfect options for the blinds of bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, classrooms, and offices.


Clip-on blinds have the capability to withstand wear and tear. You do not need to clean or replace these blinds so frequently. The double roller blinds are considered long-lasting blinds. They are resistant to water and fire, so there are reduced chances that they can be damaged. The dusting with a clean cloth is enough to clean the clip-on blinds.

What are things to consider in choosing clip-on blinds?

Measure the window size.

You need to measure the size of the window before buying the clip-on blinds. Measure the glass of the window by width and height. The size of the window gives you an estimate of whether the size of the blind will be suitable or not.

Material of the blind

There is a huge variety of materials for blinds. All the blinds made up of aluminum and wood are so elegant. While choosing the material for the blind, you need to consider which material gives you which type of light effect. Whether you need more natural light or less.

Double Roller Clip-on Blinds

We provide you with double roller clip-on blinds, which are the most useful type of roller blinds. You have multiple options in roller blinds; choose one that meets your preferences. These blinds offer you complete blackout or filtered light as you need.

Customization Options

Any style, pattern, color, or fabric you demand for the clip-on blinds, we give you the perfect option. Select the design of the door that is good for the overall exterior of your house. We are here to design the blackout blinds that you exactly want.

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How do you install clip-on blinds at your place?

Installation of clip-on blinds is so easy and quick. Follow this step-by-step guide to complete a successful installation:

  • You should measure the size of the window glass to fit the blind. 
  • Clean the window frame or glass to remove it so the clip-on blinds can attach properly. 
  • Position the blinds onto the frame or glass of the window so they will be aligned without any gap. 
  • Press the clips on the blinds to the window frame or glass. Keep in mind that the clips are secure and keep the blinds in place. 
  • You need to repeat the process when you have to install the additional blinds in the right space or level.

What tools do you need for blind installation?

If you are going to install the blinds, you do not need to buy special equipment and tools. There are a few basic items that you need to install the blinds; the list is mentioned below:

Tape: a tape is used to measure the size of the windows.
Soft Cloth: A piece of cloth to clean the window frame and glass.
Stepladder: A stepladder to clean the glass.
Level: A level to ensure that the blinds are straight and even.

Cleaning Procedures for Main Types of Blinds

There are mainly three types of blinds we offer you. Here, we are going to explain how to clean these types of a blind perfectly.

Fabric Blinds

Remove all the dirt and dust from the fabric blind by using a soft brush or vacuum cleaner. Any of the spots on the blind can be removed with a damp cloth or sponge. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners, and the fabric may get damaged.

Fabric Blinds

Use a damp cloth or sponge with detergent. Wipe down the blind and never scrub too hard; otherwise, the fabric of the blind will get damaged.

Wood Blinds

It is good to use a soft cloth or feather duster for blind cleaning. All the dirt and debris can be removed gently from it. You can use a sponge or damp cloth for any stain removal from the blind.

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