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What do you know about Dual blinds UK.

Dual blinds UK are blinds made up of two fabrics; usually, one is light, and the other is thick. These blinds are also called day and night blinds because of their function. One of the layers is used to complete a blackout, but the other gives you dim light in the room. These types of blinds can be installed in homes, offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, or any other place.

In double roller blinds, you have multiple options in fabric. It depends on how much light you need, so use the fabric accordingly.

Complete A to Z Guide about Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds are the most versatile blinds to cover your windows. You have to customize light, sound, privacy, and blackout in the room when you install these blinds. In the two-minute read, you will get a complete idea of how these blinds are useful for you. Find out more about Double Rollers below!

How do day and night blinds work?

The double roller blinds have a double layer of fabric paired together. When you pull down the blackout cloth, the complete blockage of light you get. However, when you need the dim light effect in the room, pull down the other fabric and keep the blackout cloth rolled. You can use the fabric for complete light, partial light, or blackout effects. In the end, you will have good control over the light in the room. You can easily roll up and down the blinds with respect to the light you need.

3 Main types of fabric for double roller blinds

Here, we are going to explain some of the popular types of fabric for double roller blinds.



Blockout fabric is so effective in completely blocking the light coming from outside. The fabric which is used in these blinds is thicker than other types of blinds. So, it is good to stop the natural or artificial light. Whether it is day or night, these blinds offer great darkness to your room. For the bedroom, the blackout roller blinds are useful as they offer high privacy.


One of the most useful fabrics for double roller blinds is sunscreen. The sunscreen fabric provides a shield against the sunlight. The UV rays do not enter your place, so feel more safe. The major benefit of the sunscreen fabric is that it keeps the temperature of your home uniform. It does not allow sunlight to increase the temperature of your place. When a great amount of what is prevented, you have a soothing effect all the time.


Translucent fabric is light fabric for the double roller blinds. In sheer blinds, this fabric is used to provide a dim-out effect to your room. The natural light filters through this fabric; it is recommended for those who love exposure to sunlight in rooms. But still, you have great privacy at your place.

4 Benefits of Double Roller Blinds

There are several benefits of the double roller blinds; let’s find out some of them here!

Added Privacy

Home is a private living space for everybody. When you need the sunlight, you have to roll up the blinds; meanwhile, you lose privacy somehow. But this is not the case with double roller blenders. When you need the sunlight in the room, just roll up the thick fabric and pull down the light one. You will get plenty of sunlight that comes through sheer blind. It gives you privacy in the best ways, so you remain comfortable throughout. Hence, the double roller blinds are worthwhile for your family.

Complete blackout

There is no blind other than double roller blinds that give you such block out. When you pull down the other type of blind, the fabric is not very thick, so the light filters through it. But the thick fabric of the roller blind is good resistance to the light. You would have no light in the room when you pull down the thick fabric of the blind. These blinds are also thermally efficient and water resistant. So, you will find them long standing whatever the season is.

Perfect for shift workers

Some of the shift workers have to stay at night in the shops or commercial places. If they get good sleep, they are able to put in more effort. For this reason, you need to install double roller blinds in commercial buildings. The shift worker gets enough sleep at night, and the sunlight also doesn’t disturb them.

Thermally efficient

The double roller blinders have thick fabric that is thermally efficient. The thick fabric traps the heat coming from outside and does not allow it to enter your room. All your room interior has a constant temperature that you need. So, your daily task routine will not be affected, and you will not have high electricity bills to pay. It is a chance to save your money through this investment.

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At Double Roller Blinds, we have high quality blinds for all purposes. The light control, sound, and privacy conditions will be under your control. Our high quality blinds make your home and offices more comfortable places. All you have is good working conditions, no matter whether it is day or night outside. The day and night roller blinds give you a soothing environment to live, pay, and work. We install the blinds at your place with all the convenience. If you have any queries, you can directly call our customer service helpline.

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